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Dental Hygiene Program Goals and Objectives

The Dental Hygiene Program goals and objectives include:

  1. The Dental Hygiene Program will prepare students for practice and licensure as a Registered Dental Hygienist.
    1. Students will provide appropriate dental hygiene therapy for patients with different oral health needs utilizing assessment, planning, implementation, and evaluation skills.
    2. Students will utilize case management skills, interpersonal communication skills, and practice management principles to provide quality dental hygiene care in a safe, efficient and humanistic manner.
    3. Students will practice according to the ADHA Code of Ethics.
    4. Students will adhere to state and federal laws and guidelines pertaining to the practice of dental hygiene.
  2. Dental hygiene graduates will evaluate and apply current research to make evidence-based decisions in their dental hygiene practice.
    1. Students will analyze research design.
    2. Students will identify statistical tools used in research.
    3. Students will be able to interpret and apply research to dental hygiene practice.
  3. Dental hygiene graduates will provide community service and outreach and will value their responsibility to the community.
    1. Students will demonstrate social responsibility by initiating and participating in the delivery of dental healthcare and education in the community.
    2. Students will participate in a variety of interdisciplinary health care settings.
  4. Dental hygiene graduates will appreciate the dynamic and evolving nature of the profession of dental hygiene.
    1. Students will value personal professional growth and life-long learning.
    2. Students will participate in professional associations.

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