Observation Program in Advanced Prosthodontics for Foreign-trained Dentists

The Advanced Prosthodontics Program at The Ohio State University College of Dentistry offers a formalized short-term educational experience for foreign-trained dentists.

Program Description

The Observation Program in Prosthodontics for Foreign-trained Dentists is considered a "continuing education" course and a tuition fee is required to attend. Observers do not receive graduate school credit but will receive a certificate of attendance upon completion of the program.

The observation program follows the exact schedule of the advanced prosthodontics residency program, and observers can attend classes/seminars that residents attend.

Length of Program

The advanced prosthodontics observation program is a fixed-duration program of three, six, nine, or twelve months; three months is the shortest period for which a dentist may apply and twelve months is the longest.

Benefits to the Foreign-trained Dentist

The Ohio State Observation Program in Prosthodontics offers many benefits to foreign-trained dentists including:

  • Diverse prosthodontic program, with exposure to advanced implant procedures, at a major U.S. university
  • exposure to U.S. dental clinic practices
  • an opportunity to practice and perfect English language skills
  • the reasonable cost of living in Columbus, Ohio, a fast-growing metropolitan center of 1.7 million people
  • help in the decision of whether or not to pursue a formal residency in the U.S.

After attending the program, most of our past participants decided to pursue and then successfully completed a formal prosthodontics residency (certificate) program in the U.S. Others opted to pursue a U.S. dental (DDS) program for foreign-trained dentists.

To Apply

To apply, please contact Program Director Dr. Damian Lee at lee.6221@osu.edu.

For any associated fees for application or observer program please use this link:

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