Academic Divisions

Endodontics Faculty

Chair, Division of Endodontics
Associate Professor
Graduate Program Director
Assistant Professor
Director of Predoctoral Endodontics and Emergency Dental Clinic

Part-time Faculty

Dr. Thomas Christ - Emergency Clinic 
Dr. James Cottle - Emergency Clinic 
Dr. Ken Cunin - Predoctoral Endodontics
Dr. Kerry Moore - Predoctoral Endodontics 
Dr. Matthew Niemiec - Graduate Endodontics
​Dr. Matthew Kotapish - Endodontic Intern
Dr. Shelley Ridenour - Predoctoral Endodontics
Dr. Kerry Stein - Graduate Endodontics
Dr. Daniel Stentz – Predoctoral Endodontics
Dr. Ken Stovcik - Predoctoral Endodontics
​Dr. Stephen Webster - Predoctoral Endodontics 
Dr. Mike Whitcomb - Predoctoral Endodontics