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Current Residents

2019 Oral and Maxillofacial residents and interns

Back row: Steven Lemmon (3rd Year), Todd Jacobs (3rd Year), Marcus Joy (4th year), Rachel Prokes (4th Year).  Front row: Jerad Sevais, (Intern), George Koutras (1st Year), Daniel Krost (1st Year), Kevin Schwartzman (Intern), Kelly Kennedy (Residency Program Director). Not pictured: Seth Laino (2nd Year) and Adam Sorenson (2nd Year).

Fourth Year

Marcus Joy, DDS
Hometown: Westerville, OH
College: The Ohio State University
Dental School: The Ohio State University

Rachael Prokes, DDS
Hometown: Phoenix, AZ
College: Arizona State University
Dental School: University of the Pacific

Third Year

Todd Jacobs, DDS
Hometown: Edgewood, Kentucky
College: Thomas More College
Dental School: University of Louisville School of Dentistry

Steven LemmonDMD
Hometown: Oak Harbor, Ohio
College: University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Dental School: University of Pittsburgh School of Dental Medicine

Second Year

Seth Laino, DMD

College: University of Pittsburgh
Dental School: University of Pittsburgh School of Dental Medicine

Adam Sorenson, DDS

Hometown: Wausau, Wisconsin
College: University of Wisconsin-La Crosse
Dental School: Marquette University

First Year

George Koutras, DDS

Hometown: Columbus, OH
Dental School: The Ohio State University

Daniel Krost, DMD

Hometown: Oakhurst, NJ
Dental School: Tufts University


Jerad Sevais, DDS

Hometown: LaCross, WI
Dental School: University of Minnesota

Kevin Schwartzman, DMD

Hometown: Gaithersburg, MD
Dental School: Medical University of South Carolina