Alumni/Student Mentoring Program

The College of Dentistry Office of Development Alumni Affairs is launching a new Alumni/ Student mentoring program to connect our alumni with current students. Mentors serve as supporters, motivators and resources to our next generation of dental professionals. The mentoring program will launch in January 2023 and registrations are now open for our alumni and our students to register. Registration will close for this year on December 14, 2022 to allow for pairing students and mentors before the new year launch.

The College of Dentistry Alumni/ Student Mentoring Program will match a 2nd or 3rd year dental student or a junior or senior dental hygiene student with an alumna/alumnus of the college. The program is designed to give students access to an experienced dental professional to turn to for guidance, advice and direction, as well as to help students broaden their professional networks, enhance their classroom experience and prepare for and acquire insights into the job search process.

Serving as a mentor allows you to increase the value of your College of Dentistry degrees by investing in future alumni, growing a deeper relationship with the college, improving your own advising skills and enriching your own life as you pay it forward.

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Ideal mentors are those who will be able to:

  • Commit to the time and communication requirements as mutually agreed upon between mentor and mentee. At a minimum, there should be one interaction per month (via face-to-face, email or phone)
  • Meet face-to-face with their mentee a minimum of one time per year
  • Return to campus for a mentor program event in January 2023
  • Teach mentees about the value of a The Ohio State University College of Dentistry education
  • Provide career guidance and advice on transition from classroom to workplace
  • Complete mentor program surveys and evaluations at various intervals throughout the year to allow us to continue to build and improve the program

Benefits of Mentoring:

While the advantages of a mentoring program for our students are obvious, mentors also benefit from the program.

  • Connection to the College of Dentistry in a deeper, more meaningful way
  • Encourage your own personal and professional growth
  • Exposure to the emerging talent pool
  • Professional distinction as someone who can serve as an example and role model for others
  • Enhancement of coaching, leadership and management skills
  • Development of lasting career network
  • Experience personal satisfaction by helping an emerging professional reach his/her potential

Matching Process:

College of Dentistry Development and Alumni Affairs staff as well as key student leaders will review student applications and mentor profiles, and work together to make the mentor/mentee matches. Matches will be based on availability, career goals/interests of the student, the professional experience of the mentor, and more.

Interested Alumni should register here by December 14, 2022.

Interested Students should register here by December 14, 2022.

With any questions, please contact Laura Scanlon, Assistant Director of Alumni Affairs at or (614) 247-4816.