Dental Alumni Society and Membership Benefits

A Note from Rebecca P. Henderson,
President of the Dental Alumni Society

Our alumni base consists of well over 10,000 graduates of the College of Dentistry spanning more than 100 years of graduations. I am happy to share that in May, the Dental Alumni Society grew by 93!  64% of our newest alumni – the 2019 College of Dentistry graduates – signed up to join us in our mission of supporting current students, faculty, staff, and the rest of our alumni base. At their Convocation ceremony, I encouraged them to lend their well-honed talents and skills to efforts beyond what their clinical training prepared them to do. I asked them to invite us into their professional network for mentorship, to socialize and eventually to continue their learning at our CE events. On this topic, I thought I would share some stats about our current Dental Alumni Society membership:

  • Less than 20% of our total alumni are Life members (those committed to being a member for a lifetime).
  • Annual new memberships (those committed to being a member for one year) have ranged from 56 to 218 members in the past 5 years.
  • Five new Life members, and 115 Annual members have joined thus far in 2019.

Many times when I talk to alumni and ask if they are members of the Dental Alumni Society, they are not sure or assume they certainly joined “at some point”. I encourage you to take the time to check on your membership status to affirm your commitment and support of the society. You can email to find out. As with any organization, there is strength in numbers – more people to help the society not only fulfill the mission, but to help it flourish and grow. Our society budget structure is funded by membership and the money goes directly to sustaining the society and expanding the activities we support – scholarships, student programming, alumni events, networking, etc. You can secure your annual membership for $25 or a life membership with a one-time payment of $400. Visit to join if you decide to make this commitment.

New this year, all life members will receive a signed certificate from the Dental Alumni Society to proudly display in your home or office as a thank you for your commitment and support of the society. All 2,201 current life members will receive this in the coming weeks, as well as all new life members going forward.

I look forward to seeing you in Columbus for Homecoming Weekend, October 4th & 5th. I invite each of you to join us at the ODA alumni reception for our annual society meeting and fellowship on Friday, and the Homecoming tailgate at the Ohio Union on Saturday. More information on Homecoming weekend will be shared via mail, email and on the college website. In preparation, you can shop for your Dental Alumni Society clothing items at our online Dental Alumni Society Apparel Pop-Up Shop, which will be open July 18th - August 1st. Email and social media will communicate the active web link for ordering in the weeks leading up to the opening.

As a final “save the date,” our annual football ticket raffle supporting student scholarships will include two tickets to both the Wisconsin game (Oct 26) and the Penn State game (Nov 23) – stay tuned for email and social media advertising for this. Raffle tickets will be sold through the Homecoming weekend and the winner will be notified on Oct 7, 2019.

Have a safe, fun and healthy summer!

All my best,

Rebecca P. Henderson, ’01 BSDH, MS
President, Dental Alumni Society

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