What Does it Mean to be a Buckeye?

"To me, being a Buckeye means: Passionate bonding, tradition reverence, and a steadfast belief in Ohio State University’s commitment to excellence  -- now, a commitment to eminence -- and, by extension, this demands a commitment to serving others to the best of my abilities."
Lee Butler '69 & '74

"Being an alumnus of The Ohio State University means you've become a Buckeye, and that the firm friendships and bonds you've formed with other Buckeyes will be ever present. You'll find as the seasons pass and the years roll on that Buckeyes are dedicated to doing anything and everything to make a happier and more comfortable life for their fellow Buckeyes."
Ronald Clowson '72

"Pride, great education, and great service!"
Patrick Parsons '04

"A great education, and a lifetime of learning."
David Grammel '93

"Heritage, tradition, good memories"
William Leffler '78

"Being a buckeye means never having to say you're sorry for hating M*chigan..."
Rick Terhune '80

"Fun, learning, and life skills; being part of an extended alumni family, tradition, football, and sharing great OSU moments with family!"
George Cochran '74

"Enjoying Buckeye experiences with family members! After the January 2003 victory, I thought we'd never be national champions in my lifetime again, but we did! I shared the moment with my son at the game."
Clark Cellio '72 & '76

"To connect to other dentists as we share a common bond."
Steve Shall '78

"Being a Buckeye means it's okay to love band music and football!"
Theodore Beitelschees '87

"Having a 5’ x 12’ picture of the stadium and a phone number of 869-OHIO."
Bob Miller '86

"It means you came from the best d*mn school in the country!"
Jack Gottschalk '55

"It means everything. You give your heart, your soul, your blood, sweat, and tears -- and you come out a better person and are able to give service to others by giving back and paying forward."
John Santin '81

"Pride, Tradition, and Excellence."
Kimberli Best '04

"I will never be able to repay the University for giving me the opportunity to advance in life, and to gain the experience and expertise that I'd like to share now! Thank you, forever!"
Joseph Hampton '79

"Football and friends that last a lifetime."
Tia Jean '07

"I'm proud to be a Buckeye football fan! Go Bucks!"
James Trouten '74

"Being a Buckeye is Life."
Brett Pelok '93

"Being a Buckeye means having integrity and being the best of the best!"
Nancy Dysinger '83

"It’s all at the O! Period."
Dave Uzzel '91

"Being a Buckeye means leaving it all on the something..."
Tim Freeman '91

"Go, scarlet and grey!"
Bill Zucker '75

"It means being a giver to Ohio State."
Walt Buchsieb '55 & '60

"Being a Buckeye means getting a great education! Go, Bucks!"
Jack Felton '85

"Buckeyes are known all over the world."
Howard McCleese '76

"I'm proud to have been a Buckeye during my dental school years. The College of Dentistry is a great institution with an exciting future ahead! I appreciate the faculty and staff members who contributed to making it an excellent dental school!"
Brian S. Shumway '03 & '07

"I'm proud to be a Buckeye!"
Craig Farrell '01

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