For Referring Doctors

Ohio State Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery operates on a written referral basis. At a minimum, referrals must include the patient's name, date of birth, insurance information, reason for referral/planned treatment, brief health history, and the referring doctor's contact information. Most referrals come to the Division via fax, but secure email, hand-carried, and mailed referrals are also acceptable. Our fax number for referrals is 614-292-1103. The Division has a standardized Referral Form but does not require its use.

Patients and referring doctors should be advised that we do not contact patients when we receive referrals. Patients should contact us at 614-292-2212 two-three business days after their referral has been sent to check on the status of their referral.

Referrals from within the College of Dentistry (student, resident, or faculty dentists) are always accepted. All referrals from outside of the College of Dentistry are reviewed to determine if they can be accepted, and if so, what level of care is appropriate. This review is based on clinic availability, the educational needs of oral and maxillofacial surgery residents, and the patient's insurance coverage and health history.