Dental Professionals

Elective Africa

Contact Information

Contact Person: 
Justina Munyamala
Business Name:
Elective Africa
Business Street Address: 
6411 Ivy Lane, Suite 112 Greenbelt
Greenbelt, MD 20770
United States
Business Phone: 
+1 609 375 8912
Email Address: 

Opportunity Information

Date Position Is Available: 
Tuesday, March 6, 2018
Opportunity Type: 
Public health
Dentistry electives and Pre dentistry shadowing
Position/Opportunity Available: 
Mode of Practice: 
Solo Private Practice
Small group practice
Large group practice – multiple locations
Public Health
Desired Applicant Area(s) of Interest: 
General Dentistry
Dental Public Health
Oral Pathology
Oral Surgery
Pediatric Dentistry

Additional Information

For over 16 years Elective Africa has delivered successful placements by providing healthcare exposure and global health experience to medical students from all over the world. Majority of our program participants have attested to the program giving them adequate exposure to medicine and helping them argument their skills, build their knowledge and insightfully understand global health.