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Lower Lights Christian Health Center

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Contact Person: 
Kelly O'Brien
Business Name:
Lower Lights Christian Health Center
Business Street Address: 
1160 West Broad Street
Columbus, OH 43222
United States
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Opportunity Information

Date Position Is Available: 
Monday, November 26, 2018
Opportunity Type: 
General employment
Position/Opportunity Available: 
Mode of Practice: 
Solo Private Practice
Federally Qualified Health Center
Desired Applicant Area(s) of Interest: 
General Dentistry
Oral Radiology

Additional Information


A full time, exempt position responsible for direct provision of oral hygiene and appropriate preventative services to dental patients of the center. The Registered Dental Hygienist will also be responsible for providing appropriate oral health information to individuals and groups.


• High school diploma or equivalent
• Successful completion of a Dental Hygiene program at an accredited institution
• Unrestricted active license to practice in the State of Ohio
• At least two years and a minimum of three thousand hours of experience in the practice of dental hygiene
• Successfully completed a course approved by the state dental board in the identification and prevention of potential medical emergencies
• Current CPR (BLS) certifications. ACLS preferred
• Knowledge of public health principles and practices preferred
• Ability to maintain appropriate clinical privileges required
• Ability to strongly embrace and personify the mission of Lower Lights Christian Health Center
• Ability to collaborate and interact with a diverse group of healthcare professionals
• The ability to treat patients from a wide diversity of social, ethnic, and economic backgrounds is necessary
• Ability to organize and prioritize work appropriately
• Effective oral and written communication skills in English with an amicable personality are required. Effective oral communication in Spanish preferred
• Work under stressful conditions as well as irregular hours may be required
• Ability to multi-task in a fast-paced environment while providing high quality and compassionate care
• Must be cognizant of the public health, social, and economic factors which impact the overall health, and more specifically the oral health of their patients
• Must be able to creatively work with other healthcare professionals from a variety of disciplines to achieve maximal program effectiveness and patient benefit
• The ability to creatively solve problems through individual and/or programmatic action is an important part of this position.


• Requires a comprehensive knowledge of oral hygiene care in outpatient settings. Knowledge of principles and practice of modern oral hygiene and periodontal patient care is necessary


RESPONSIBILITY 1. Demonstrates the ability to efficiently function in the business office.

A. Interacts with patients and visitors in a prompt, courteous, and professional manner
B. Processes patients on arrival, verifying and updating patient information
C. Processes patients prior to departure from the clinic and directing them to schedule next appointment, pay account balances, etc. in the absence of dental assistant or receptionist representative
D. Operates the computer system efficiently to complete daily tasks
E. Have the dentist perform a focused exam on scheduled patients
F. Helps maintain a list of all Dental Department patients, monitors patient flow, and assists the Dental Director, dentist(s), and dental assistant in assuring that all patient records and documents are properly and accurately completed

RESPONSIBILITY 2. Demonstrates the ability to efficiently function in the clinical area while assisting in the delivery of oral care and patient care management

A. If first person to arrive, turn on computers, units, pump, and compressor. Same procedure is followed for turning off equipment at end of day
B. Prepares operatory for patient treatment as per Dental Department protocols
C. Seats patients and records vital signs (i.e. Blood pressure, pulse, etc.)
D. Make accurate periodontal entries in the patient chart
E. Obtain baseline oral hygiene assessment data based upon accepted principles of oral hygiene and periodontal care
F. Provides clinical oral hygiene services including dental prophylaxis, scaling and root planning, sealant application, and fluoride treatment consistent with accepted professional practices and standards in compliance with applicable state law and center’s clinical protocols
G. Records patient-hygienist transactions as they occur in the patient’s dental record so that the dental record accurately and completely reflects the nature of the contact, the condition of the patient, and treatment provided
H. Expose dental radiographs in accordance with state regulations and law as well as Dental Department directive and protocol
I. Take impressions, as prescribed by the dentist
J. Pour up impressions with model plaster, as needed


RESPONSIBILITY 3. Demonstrates the ability to communicate effectively and accurately (both oral and written) with dental staff, patients, and general public and document accurately patient’s chart

A. Complete follow-up phone calls to patients for the dentist
B. Provide oral hygiene instructions (written and verbal) to scheduled patients
C. Document completely any encounters with patient/family
D. Documentation is legible and completed in a timely manner
E. Assists in the oral health management of all clinic patients
F. Provides oral health education and appropriate individual counseling for all center dental patients

RESPONSIBILITY 4. Demonstrates ability to maintain quality control standards and knowledge of common safety hazards and precautions to establish a safe work environment

A. Maintains current basic life support certification for health care provider (CPR)
B. Demonstrates proper hand washing technique and frequency
C. Appropriate barrier precautions are used when exposed to or potential exposure to blood/body fluids
D. Performs all functions in full compliance with the center’s and the Dental Department Exposure Control Plan including but not limited to the use of Personal Protective Equipment and Universal Precautions
E. Practices fire safety and is knowledgeable of all general emergency procedures
F. Ensures the proper disposal of all sharps, contaminated, or potentially contaminated materials in accordance with Dental Department directive, center policy as well as state and federal regulation(s).
G. Helps clean the dental department, as needed

RESPONSIBILITY 5: Prepares and maintains records for compliance with all regulatory agencies and department protocols

A. Completes daily, weekly, monthly logs for OSHA compliance in a timely manner
B. Maintains all Dental Department areas in compliance with Dental Department directives and protocols as well as center policies and procedures relative to infection control, exposure control, and safety issues
C. Maintains Dental Department equipment in accordance with manufacturer’s directions and Dental Department policy and protocol; maintains an accurate maintenance log and ensures sterilization compliance



D. Maintains adequate operatory supplies and compiles a list of individual item shortages for inventory control and ordering purposes
E. Responsible for personal compliance and procedures with all federal, state, local, and center rules, regulations, protocols, and procedures including but not limited to the participation of a dental hygienist in the provision of clinical dental care, as well as those relating to, but not limited to personnel issue, work place safety, public health, and confidentiality

RESPONSIBILITY 6: Possesses interpersonal skills to maintain effective working relationships with others and function independently

A. Demonstrates cooperative behavior in interactions with co-workers
B. Participates in orienting new staff
C. Participates in monthly staff meetings
D. Demonstrates effective time management and organizational skills
E. Appropriately applies the policies and procedures of Lower Lights Christian Health Center
F. Integration of appropriate dental hygiene care with other healthcare professionals involved in the patient’s healthcare management
G. If no patient is present, assist in the clinic’s overall patient flow as needed
H. Accepts and performs other work related duties assigned by the Dental Director, or the Staff Dentist in the absence of the Dental Director

RESPONSIBILITY 7: Demonstrates the ability to keep the clinical area clean, organized and a safe environment for patients and staff

A. Helps clean, disinfect, and autoclave contaminated instruments and other related materials; Ensures proper sterilization was achieved and any failures are addressed to the Staff Dentist and/or Dental Director immediately
B. Maintains instruments for peak performance and in compliance with OSHA standards
C. Cleans and disinfects operatory per Dental Department protocol between each patient (See Disinfection of operatory guidelines)
D. Performs all functions in full compliance with the center’s and the Dental Department Exposure Control Plan including but not limited to the use of Personal Protective Equipment and Universal Precautions
E. Ensures the proper disposal of all sharps, contaminated, or potentially contaminated materials in accordance with Dental Department directive and center policy as well as state and federal regulation(s)
F. Checks operatories daily to ensure appropriate supply levels and room cleanliness
G. Keeps work area clean and well organized


RESPONSIBILITY 8: Possesses skills necessary to assist with front office duties

A. Finishes the patient check-out process and schedules next visit
B. Assists registration representative with printing the patient schedule for the next day
C. Comprehensive understanding of Open Dental software and how to input necessary information

RESPONSIBILITY 9: Participate in continuing education programs and other opportunities/activities, which contribute to professional growth

A. Attends required meetings and in-service education programs
B. Participates on committees as requested by the Dental Director
C. Maintains professional affiliations
D. Continuing education in order to remain updated on new techniques and changes in procedures related to your job