Dental Professionals

Murray Hill Dental

Contact Information

Contact Person: 
Troy Walton
Business Name:
Murray Hill Dental
Business Street Address: 
98 N. Murray Hill Rd.
Columbus, OH 43228
United States
Business Phone: 
Alternate/Evening Phone: 

Opportunity Information

Date Position Is Available: 
Saturday, June 1, 2019
Opportunity Type: 
Associate leading to Partnership
Position/Opportunity Available: 
Mode of Practice: 
Solo Private Practice
Small group practice
Large group practice – multiple locations
Desired Applicant Area(s) of Interest: 
General Dentistry
Oral Surgery

Additional Information


Pay Schedule Classification

• % of collections paid bi-weekly
• Includes all procedures performed as well as periodic exams

Duties and Responsibilities

• Responsible for the diagnosis, treatment planning and restorative care of patients.

Major duties

• Performs treatment procedures to include minor and major restorative dentistry
• Educates patients on their treatment needs and creates an urgency to complete treatment
• Instructs assistant in charting procedures to include patient conditions, medical and dental histories, treatment procedures, patient comments, and exam notes
• Oversees hygienists and assistants
• Prepares for patient procedures and future treatment needs by communicating with hygienists, assistants and administrative staff prior to the patient’s appointment
• Attends and leads morning meetings
• Establishes, maintains and strengthens relationships with patients
• Reinforces recommendations for treatment the hygienist co-diagnoses
• Establishes or reinforces the importance of routine care
• Follows practice protocol
• Reviews statistics for performance analysis

Supervisory Controls

• Receives general supervision from the Business Manager regarding unusual problems, emergencies or new situations. 


• The position involves performing treatment procedures as dictated by the appointment schedule.  The dentist is expected to maintain a consistent professional demeanor while providing services in response to patient needs.

Scope and Effect

• Most times the dentist is the first point of treatment contact between the patient and the office.  The degree of concern and warmth shown by the dentist to the patient can have a great effect on developing patient confidence and loyalty.  The dentist influences patient treatment acceptance as well as case success through proper education and urgency.  All these factors play a major part in influencing total practice perceptions as well as revenues. 

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