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Dental Practice Opportunities Network

As we prepare to launch a new dentistry website, we will temporarily stop accepting new practice opportunities and applicants through December 31, 2022. You can continue to search for existing opportunities and applicants. Please be sure to visit our new website in January 2023.

The Ohio State University College of Dentistry’s Dental Practice Opportunities Network provides excellent opportunities for practitioners, alumni, residents, and students to come together and explore the potential to combine talent with opportunity for mutual benefit.

The Ohio State University College of Dentistry is nationally recognized for its excellence in producing graduates who have achieved the highest levels of classroom and clinical expertise. As a result, our graduates are prepared for all that dentistry has to offer.

How does it work?

Please submit information regarding your practice opportunity or your availability. (Please note we are not accepting postings for EFDAs at this time.)

Interested parties will contact each other directly and communicate outside of the college website. The full benefit you receive from the service depends greatly on the amount of information you provide. The more complete your response, the more likely it will be to establish contacts offering you the greatest rewards. Information will remain active for 4 months with the option to renew as requested. After that time, unless you choose to reactivate your post, the information will be considered inactive and will be removed. Please keep in mind, Ohio State currently does not release the names of our students/alumni. Individuals interested in the information you provide are expected to make contact with you directly.

All posts are reviewed before being added to the website. 

What does it cost?

Practice opportunities and information about those seeking employment may be posted to the Dental Practice Opportunities Network free of charge as a service to our profession. (Gifts to the College of Dentistry are welcome and encouraged.)           

Thank you for your interest in Ohio State. We wish you success in finding the right doctor for you and your practice or the right practice for you as a dental professional.

If you have any questions, please contact us at