Dental Professionals

How to Upload Images to PowerShare

Download a PDF of these instructions.

Step 1:

Log in to PowerShare

Step 2:

Click the “Upload Images” icon on the PowerShare Network Homepage

PowerShare upload images icon


You may encounter a Java pop-up window. If so, click run in the lower right hand corner of the window.

Java pop up window


Step 3:

The image uploader window will appear. Be sure to select “The Ohio State University College of Dentistry” as the account that you upload the images to. If you select your personal account you will be asked for a method of payment and the images will not be transferred to Ohio State. 

PowerShare image upload screen

You may select images to upload from your CD drive or from a folder on your computer.


Choose the study you would like to upload and click “Next”.

PowerShare image select


Ensure the correct study is highlighted and click “Start Upload”.

PowerShare correct study


Last step:

When the study is finished uploading, it will give you the option to upload another study or to finish your upload session. To end the upload session click “Done”. Once the images are received in our office,  the turn-around time is 2 business days.

PowerShare finish upload