Dental Professionals

Radiology Interpretation Service for Dental Professionals

The Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology Interpretation Service provides a full scope of diagnostic imaging services for patients referred from private practitioners. We provide acquisition and interpretation services for the following diagnostic imaging modalities:

  • intraoral (periapical, bitewing and occlusal)
  • extraoral (panoramic, cephalometric and skull views)
  • cone beam computed tomography (CBCT)

The service includes:

  • Cone Beam CT scan interpretation
    • Implant placement
    • Impactions
    • Lesions in the maxillofacial region
    • TMJ region
    • Sinuses and the nasal fossa
    • Airway analysis
  • A comprehensive written report to address the clinical concerns and to diagnose any abnormalities observed on the scans. When a CBCT is taken the clinician is responsible for reading the entire volume and is liable for the consequences of missing any pathology seen on the CBCT scan. 
  • Digital radiograph interpretation including intraoral and panoramic images.

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