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  • 2-Month Reorder Reminder Email - Starting in 2017, SMS will start sending reminder emails to customers who are due to reorder within 2 months! No more waiting until you are down to your final test and rushing to get a new order placed!

  • 14-Day No Test Notice Email - Starting in 2017, SMS will also start sending out email reminders to customers who have not sent us a test within the past 14 days. Here at SMS, we want to make sure we are doing our part to help you stay in compliance with testing regulations!

  • Online Reporting - Starting in 2017, SMS will offer customers online access to view the results of tests submitted to our laboratory. Although we will still offer paper monthly reports upon request, offering online reporting will allow us to improve our efficiency of delivering results to our customers. Plus, we will get to cut back on the use of paper, which is a benefit for everyone!

Ohio's Only In-State Testing Facility

Free Self-Study Continuing Education Courses

  • 8 credits available annually - including Dental Radiography each biennium
  • Online Courses
  • Available for everyone in the office

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About Our Testing

  • Testing Facility since 1982
  • Control Strips Used
  • Gram Stain Verification
  • Immediate Failure Notification by Phone
  • Sterilizer Troubleshooting
  • Monthly Reports

Our Advantages

  • Competitive Pricing
  • No Hidden Fees
  • Personal Customer Service
  • Ohio Location

Our Numbers*

  • Customers > 2,000
  • Sterilizers > 3,100
  • Tests processed/Year > 134,000
  • Tests processed/Month > 11,000

* Updated January 2017