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The Sterilization Monitoring Service at The Ohio State University College of Dentistry is competitively priced and offers more benefits in comparison to other biological monitoring testing services.

Each biological test envelope contains both a test strip and a control strip. Test packets can be ordered by check, or charged-by-phone (Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, Discover).

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SMS is now offering waterline testing!

Individual waterline tests range from $22 to $30. Please contact SMS for exact pricing.

52 Spore Tests

For weekly sterilization testing
Autoclave, chemiclave or dry heat oven

12 Spore Tests*

For monthly sterilization testing
Autoclave, chemiclave or dry heat oven

*for states or professions that are not required to test weekly.  Ohio dentists are required by the OSDB to test sterilizers weekly.

Integrator Strips

Class 5 integrator strips are not required, but can provide an extra level of assurance for your sterilizer's functionality.
100 strips: $29.00
1000 strips: $250.00

*Integrator strips do not replace the use of biological spore tests. They are intended to give users immediate notification of whether all steam sterilization parameters have been met.