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Dual DDS / MPH

The Doctor of Dental Surgery/Master of Public Health (DDS/MPH) combined degree program prepares students for the professional practice of dentistry and also provides knowledge and skills in the broader population health context. 

DDS / MPH Career Options

Depending on the student’s choice of MPH specialization, this five-year program could lead to a wide variety of career options in the public and private sectors. 

DDS/MPH holders can assume leadership roles in:

  • Academia / Research
  • Government agencies
  • Other health-related organizations
  • Professional practice

Program Path

Students will complete the first two years of the DDS curriculum before separating from their dental school class to enroll full-time in the College of Public Health’s MPH curriculum. The following academic year, students will return to the dental school for completion of years 3 and 4 of the DDS curriculum. During the final year, students will complete a public health practicum and a culminating project determined by the student’s field of specialization in the MPH program.

Most of the coursework for the Clinical Translational Science (CTS) or Environmental Health Science (EHS) specializations can be completed in one academic year. The CTS specialization provides training in methods used to conduct clinical and translational research, while EHS focuses on biological, chemical, and physical agents in the environment that affect human health. Students who wish to pursue other MPH specializations can do so with additional semesters of study.  

When applying to the DDS program, please indicate your interest in the MPH program in your supplemental application. Interested students should apply to the MPH program during fall semester of the second year in dental school. The application involves completion of the College of Public Health application through the Schools of Public Health Application Service (SOPHAS).

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