Ohio State Dental Journal

Autumn 2016

Published twice each year, the Ohio State Dental Journal shares what is new and exciting among our students, staff, faculty, alumni and friends. The journal is yet another way to keep you connected with the many special things that are happening at the College of Dentistry.

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Built in 1951, Postle Hall houses Ohio State’s College of Dentistry, but it is much more than just a building where students get an education, patients get great care, and new knowledge is discovered by researchers.Read more
David Bitonte, DO (left), and his older brother, Gary Bitonte, ’69 BS, ’73 MD, continued the work their late parents Dominic, ’47 DDS, and Helen Bitonte started when they gifted $2 million from their parent's estate to The Ohio State University College of Dentistry.Read more
Oral surgeon James Bertz, ’61 DDS, MD, was presented with the Dental Alumni Society’s 2016 Distinguished Alumni Award at the Dental Alumni Society Luncheon during Homecoming Weekend.Read more
Appointed by Governor Kasich as the graduate/professional student member of The Ohio State University Board of Trustees, orthodontic resident Lydia Lancaster, ’16 DDS, is the first student from the College of Dentistry to serve on the Board since 1988. Dr. Lancaster shares highlights of her experiences:Read more
On August 10, 2016, Patrick M. Lloyd, dean of The Ohio State University College of Dentistry, met with Senator John Glenn and Mrs. Annie Glenn at Ohio State's John Glenn College of Public Affairs. They spoke about Homer W. Castor, ’19 DDS, father and father-in-law to Mrs. and Senator Glenn respectively.Read more
Faced with the choice of following your dream career of being a dentist or playing in the NFL, which would you choose? First-year dental student Mason Monheim, son of College of Dentistry alumni Jan ’84 DHY, and John Monheim, ’86 DDS, was faced with that decision when sports agents began telling him he would likely be drafted into the NFL after his successful Big 10 career.Read more
We at the College of Dentistry are extremely thankful for our scholarship donors and the generous gifts they provide to our students—the dental and dental hygiene professionals of tomorrow. No matter how often we try, though, we can’t say thank you nearly as well as the scholarship recipients themselves.Read more
New ideas, innovative approaches and interdisciplinary collaboration — these are all necessary elements of a successful research program. The challenge before Ohio State’s leadership, then, is how to bring these elements together. According to College of Dentistry Dean Patrick M. Lloyd, attracting top talent from around the globe is key.Read more
To the more than 1,100 health sciences students who study the human body and its intricate functions through courses provided by Ohio State’s Division of Anatomy, body donors represent their first patients. Each year, College of Dentistry and College of Medicine students join together to organize a memorial service that recognizes these donors' generous gifts.Read more
Like everyone else, he’d seen it countless times: the ubiquitous image of a bespectacled, Midwestern man holding a pitchfork, standing in front of a woman wearing a starched brown apron over a high-necked black dress. The image has graced everything from magazine covers to salt and pepper shakers—and just about every imaginable item in between. So it was with more than a little curiosity that Patrick Lloyd, dean of the College of Dentistry, read an article he stumbled across in a 1980 issue of the Smithsonian magazine about the 50th anniversary of the “American Gothic” painting and its artist, Grant Wood.Read more