Ohio State Dental Journal

Spring 2016


Published twice each year, the Ohio State Dental Journal shares what is new and exciting among our students, staff, faculty, alumni and friends. The journal is yet another way to keep you connected with the many special things that are happening at the College of Dentistry.

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Students at the College of Dentistry have learned scientific method and the rigors of research methodology since the 1970’s through the college’s Student Research Program. Now, student research is gaining prominence with the creation of a new position designated to formally manage the program.Read more
For most institutions, each year has a predictable rhythm. This is especially true for educational institutions where exams, annual ceremonies, and semester breaks are carefully scheduled. During the second half of 2014 and throughout 2015, however, the College of Dentistry’s normal routines received a well-orchestrated jolt when a group of 58 laser-focused staff, faculty, and students led the college through a major technological implementation.Read more
Most dental professionals and students who have participated in a Give Kids a Smile day will likely agree that the event is crucial for children who might not otherwise receive the dental care they need. But as the volunteer students who participate in the College of Dentistry's event are learning, Give Kids a Smile can have an important impact on them personally.Read more
Two years after Richard Veler ’46 DDS graduated from the College of Dentistry, his first gift to his alma mater was a $10 contribution. In that era, $10 was not a small sum of money. In fact, according to the website "measuringworth.com," ten dollars in 1948 was worth about $100 now.Read more
Native Ohioan and part-time College of Dentistry faculty member Michael Masonbrink, ‘71 DDS discusses why he and his wife, Kaylin—also a native Ohioan and Ohio State graduate—made the decision to establish two legacy scholarships to support future generations of dental students.Read more
When Eileen Guider graduated from Columbus, Ohio’s North High School at the height of the Great Depression in 1935, little did she know that her new job as an assistant to College of Dentistry faculty member George McClellan, DDS would be the start of an incredibly fulfilling career.Read more
Just like Eva Gabor’s character Lisa Douglas on the classic sitcom “Green Acres,” many urban dwellers balk at the idea of relocating to a slower-paced rural area. Knowing this, and keenly aware of the critical need for additional dentists in some of Ohio’s most rural...Read more
Susan and her husband, Joseph Travers, PhD, are professors in the College of Dentistry’s Biosciences Division who have worked together for nearly 40 years researching taste. At Ohio State for the last 30 years, the duo has focused on how the nervous system processes orosensory signals from the mouth, how those signals interact with visceral signals sent by the gut, and how taste impacts behaviors.Read more