Ohio State Dental Journal

Building Our Future

Built in 1951, Postle Hall houses Ohio State’s College of Dentistry, but it is much more than just a building where students get an education, patients get great care, and new knowledge is discovered by researchers. Postle Hall is home to nearly 600 students, almost 300 full- and part-time faculty, about 250 staff members, as well as 450 or so patients who receive treatment in the college on any given day. Additions to the building were completed in 1959, 1966, and 1973, and it has seen a number of upgrades throughout the years, but the 65-year-old facility is now in need of replacement so the college can advance its position as a national leader in dental education, research, and patient care.

“We need modern facilities for our faculty to do their best work,” said Ohio State President Michael V. Drake, MD, at a university Council of Deans meeting in August. To provide an optimal facility for faculty, staff, and students, the College of Dentistry’s leaders have worked closely with the university’s senior leaders for the last few years to begin the process of replacing Postle Hall. Significant milestones have already been realized in the first phase of this process, and the college is on track to open its doors to a new and improved facility in 2020.

“We need modern facilities for our faculty to do their best work,” — Ohio State President Michael V. Drake, MD

Commenting on the plans that are underway, Dean Patrick M. Lloyd said, “Our College of Dentistry is a statewide resource for improving access to dental care. With the construction of an updated facility, we will be able to exploit new technologies and proven operational systems to enhance efficiencies in patient care and student education.” He added, “Once it is completed, this project will enhance the experiences of our students, staff, and faculty, as well as our patients. We have a significant responsibility as we educate the next generation of dental professionals, provide state-of-the-art oral health care, and conduct research that affects dentists and the dental profession worldwide.

To make room for the new facility that is described as a “partial replacement” or first phase of fully replacing Postle Hall, the east wing of the building will be razed. The new structure will house small group practice clinics for dental and dental hygiene students; a pre-clinical simulation lab with mannequins that resemble actual patients; significantly expanded pediatric dentistry and radiology clinics; an outpatient surgery center; and three large classrooms with advanced technologies for teaching, learning and testing. Capitalizing on the opportunities provided by the new facility, the college will be positioned to attract a broad mix of patients, to continue recruiting the highest quality of students, in addition to hiring the most capable, committed, and collegial staff and faculty. 

“As members of this land-grant and flagship university, we have a special commitment and obligation to the citizens of Ohio,” said Dean Lloyd. “With support from the State of Ohio, our university, and our alumni, the new facility will enhance our capacity to meet the goals associated with our tripartite mission of education, research and service. There is no question about it—our best days are ahead of us!”