Ohio State Dental Journal

"I Remember When"

Thomas M. Paumier DDS, Jacinto Beard DDS, and Tara Haid DDS share memories of their time in Postle Hall.

In an event that officially kicked off a year-long celebration of the college’s 125th anniversary, a panel of seven alumni gathered at the College of Dentistry on January 15 to share their individual experiences as students. Following opening remarks from Patrick M. Lloyd, dean of the College of Dentistry, Class of 2016 DDS student Lydia Lancaster moderated a lively panel of alumni who shared their memories of their time at the College of Dentistry: 

Rudy C. Melfi, ’57 DDS, ’59 MS, ’66 PhD

“When we were learning how to use a hand piece, we had burs that were stainless steel. When you would cut on the teeth, the sparks would fly…there were no diamonds at that time. But I think we still turned out some pretty good dentists.”

Bonnie Rudner, ’63 RDH 

“[Dental Hygiene students] could only be girls and you couldn’t be married. The director would stand us up every day and check us over to make sure our shoes and our dresses were perfect.”

Dr. Rudy Melfi
Rudy C. Melfi DDS, MS, PhD
Jayne Klett, Miller and Rudner
Jayne Klett RDH, EFDA, Marilyn Miller RDH, 
and Bonnie Rudner RDH

Marilyn Miller, ‘69 RDH 

“It was very important that we showed some professionalism by wearing a cap, having our pin on, our white uniform, and our white shoes to elevate us as a profession. The general public was not used to having women work on them.”

Jayne Klett, ‘82 RDH, EFDA

“We were just introduced to a Cavitron. We had files and hand instruments we used for heavy calculus. The base of knowledge is so different now. My class was part of the research that proved we could work with gloves on and it wouldn’t change the effectiveness. Half of our class wore gloves and the other half didn’t. We proved that, yes, we could work with gloves and the effectiveness would be very high.”

Thomas M. Paumier, ’87 DDS 

“When I came in, there were a lot of military faculty. They were professional, yet a little bit intimidating. Today though, the collegiality is better. I had the privilege to give the white coat ceremony address as president of the ODA. I think that is a wonderful way to start your career. You’re welcomed in as a professional and a colleague immediately. We didn’t have that when I was here. I wish we had.”

Jacinto Beard, ’90 DDS 

“It was the faculty and staff. They wanted you to learn. They wanted you to succeed. That’s what I remember.”

Tara Haid, ’01 DDS 

“I grew up here and I didn’t think there was any other dental school. Ohio State being in the blood…this was pretty much the only school I wanted to apply to. When I arrived for my interview, we talked about anything and everything other than dentistry. Luckily, I got accepted!” ■

To view a video of the “Then and Now” event, visit go.osu.edu/dentistrycelebrates125