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Meet the External Campaign Committee

Top row, from left: Dale Anne Featheringham, ’97 DDS, ’00 MS, ’05 MBA; John Davis, '71, DDS; Mark Fixari, ’87 DDS; Shayne Fixari, ’87 DDS; Sally Lauterjung, ’91 DDS, MS; Bottom row, from left: Paul Loper, ’80 DDS; Thomas Paumier, ’87 DDS; Brett S. Pelok, ’93 DDS; Mark Raisch, ’87 DDS; David Rummel, ’66 DDS

As exciting as it has been for College of Dentistry alumni, students, staff and faculty to visualize the new spaces that will be realized with the completion of Phase I of the Postle Hall replacement, there is still the practical side of the project: Raising $25 million to complete the new facility. A dedicated alumni committee comprised of campaign gift leaders has accepted the challenge of helping the college meet its fundraising goal. At the helm of this influential group is Dr. Dale Anne Featheringham. We asked Dr. Featheringham to share her thoughts about her important role.

Q) Why did you agree to chair the external campaign committee?

A) I was really excited and humbled to be asked to chair this committee, because Postle Hall played such an important role in developing me as a person, and in training me to be a professional. I loved my time at the dental school. I learned the skills needed to launch me into my career, but equally as important, I found people that I wanted to emulate in the instructors that I had…people like Dr. Ron Kerby who used humor to motivate, and Dr. Ernest Svensson, who exemplified high standards and showed dedication in coming to the school to teach into his early eighties, and many, many others. All of us can remember someone who took an interest in us, and provided motivation and support during both the great and the stressful moments of the dental school journey. I also found lifelong friends that I am grateful to have in my life. We just had our twenty-year reunion, and there were several comments about how we have a bond that transcends time and distance. All of that happened at Postle Hall, so I am delighted to have the opportunity to give back to this place that served as the foundation for many of the good things that I enjoy in my life.

Q) What do the other committee members bring to the campaign?

A) The other alumni on this committee bring a shared passion for the dental school, and a collective enthusiasm for making this happen. They also bring an extensive network of colleagues and friends through their long and diverse histories in volunteering for organized dentistry, and through their leadership in alumni associations and study clubs. They are all servant leaders at heart, and so they were a natural fit to be part of this committee. I’m honored to serve with them. In addition, having the commitment of Dean Lloyd, and the support of our development professionals, including Ted Backus, Courtney Shaul and Greg Dyer, I feel like we are set up for success.

Q) Why should College of Dentistry alumni consider supporting the Building on Strong Foundations Campaign?

A) Our time at Postle Hall undoubtedly played an important role in shaping us to become the people and the professionals that we are today. As individuals, we gained knowledge and life experience from our time in this place. On a bigger scale, I believe that it is important to build a structure that is capable of supporting dental education in today’s environment. 

Advances in technology, and knowledge about the relationship between the design of a classroom or clinic and its impact on how people learn, highlight the importance of achieving the goal of a new Postle Hall. Doing this will provide the best place to train our future associates, and to give all Ohioans the most up-to-date dental care possible.

The powerful partnership among our alumni, The Ohio State University, the Ohio legislature, Ohio dental vendors, and the students, staff and faculty of our school provides a truly unique opportunity to get this accomplished. This partnership gives a tangible way to honor people who contributed to our success, and to leave a lasting legacy that benefits future generations of students and patients for years to come. We all have the opportunity to be a part of this, and I am confident that our alumni will come through to make it happen.

Q) Anything else you’d like to add?

A) When you consider that the last major renovation of Postle Hall happened in the 1970s, it’s clear that most of us will have one shot in our lifetime to be part of something as monumental and lasting as this. Please be a part of it. There are many levels of contribution, and all are appreciated. Members of our committee or the development team would be happy to have a no-pressure conversation about what’s possible.

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