Ohio State Dental Journal

Research Day

Participants Discuss the Personal Benefits of Research

The College of Dentistry hosted its 34th annual Research day on February 22, featuring original research from students, post-doctoral fellows, and residents. The event provided the nearly 500 students, faculty, and guests in attendance with an opportunity to learn about the researchers’ scientific achievements and innovations.

Ohio State senior David Svensson, a biology major who participates in the undergraduate Pre-dent program, said his involvement in the college’s student research program exposed him to the many facets of dentistry. “I wouldn’t have considered prosthodontics as a possible career path, but doing this research has opened my eyes to a specialty I might not otherwise have been interested in.” Mr. Svensson presented his research on the “Difference of Oral Bone Quality in partially Edentulous Arch” during the event.

“This event is a rare opportunity to bring people from all areas of expertise together,” -- Stephanie Wilson, PhD, Postdoctoral Fellow

Kimberly Holmes ’21 (DDS) started her research last summer before she officially began classes at the college. “Understanding composite resin helped me in my classes,” said Ms. Holmes. Another researcher, Ivanna Soto ’20 (DHY), agreed that conducting research yields benefits in the classroom. “Research gets you to critically think about things in a different way,” she said. Coincidentally, Ms. Soto’s research was on “Assessing the Association of Critical Thinking and Academic Performance.”

Postdoctoral fellow Stephanie Wilson, PhD, who participated in the event for a second year, presented her research on the associations between periodontal disease and pain, fatigue, and sleep problems in breast cancer survivors. “This event is a rare opportunity to bring people from all areas of expertise together,” said Dr. Wilson, who is looking forward to pursuing a career in academia. “It has been extremely rewarding in the sense that I can bring a different perspective to the dentists who are here today while also learning a lot about oral health from the faculty I’m presenting to. I can take their thoughts and comments back to my lab and assess the factors we talk about during the event. Everyone contributes something.”