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Staff Spotlight

Getting to Know Don Gray, Director, Continuing Dental Education

Don Gray

Anyone who has taken continuing education courses through the College of Dentistry knows Don Gray. The driving force behind the program since he joined the college in 2012, Don has breathed new life into the curriculum and has provided valuable education to hundreds of alumni and dental professionals.

Q) What do you like best about your job?

A) I get to meet new people every day! In the past two years, we’ve had CE participation from 32 states and 84 of Ohio’s 88 counties. I appreciate the feedback and ideas I gather from our discussions which help us to grow and expand our CE offerings.

Q) Why do you think CE at the College of Dentistry is an important/valuable option among other available options?

A) We have amazing faculty who love teaching and sharing their knowledge and research. Our goal is to continually provide the latest research, knowledge, and advancements that help dental professionals provide the very best treatment for their patients. Attendees at our courses can be assured that the information shared is scientifically-based and free from commercial bias. Also, being part of a major health sciences campus allows us to offer courses that other providers can’t.  For example, our “Head and Neck Anatomy” hands-on course is held in the anatomy lab, with specialized specimens, and features faculty from the College of Medicine in partnership with dental faculty. Our annual “Medical Updates” course features physicians from the OSU Wexner Medical Center and Nationwide Children’s Hospital, and pharmacists from the College of Pharmacy.

Q) What are your plans for the future as it relates to CE at College of Dentistry?

A) A few years ago we created an advisory committee of practitioners from around the state and we’ll continue to use their input to drive topic and format ideas.

In just a couple years, when construction is complete on the new Postle Hall labs and clinics, we’ll have one of the most technologically advanced dental schools in the country. I look forward to the array of new courses that will be created.