Ohio State Dental Journal

Summer 2020

The Ohio State Dental Journal shares what is new and exciting among our students, staff, faculty, alumni and friends. The journal is yet another way to keep you connected with the many special things that are happening at the College of Dentistry.

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Helping Students Safely Complete Assessments During the last week of April, a total of 55 students entered the College of Dentistry's pre-clinic lab to complete their typodont-only endodontic competency assessment. Completing assessments certainly isn't an unusual occurrence—during a...Read more
During the autumn semester, Division of Dental Hygiene students' curriculum was enhanced by the contributions of international fellow Ulrika Lindmark, PhD, who came to the College of Dentistry as part of The Ohio State University's partnership with the Swedish Foundation for International Cooperation in Research and Higher Education (STINT).Read more
As the College of Dentistry continues to focus on professionalism and ethics as the launching initiative for its five-year Strategic Plan, alumnus Tara Haid, '01 DDS, brought her perspective to a work group of students, staff, and faculty who assembled to champion the initiative throughout the college.Read more
Purnima Kumar, BDS, ’05 MS, ’05 PhD, has for years studied the impact of cigarette smoking on periodontal health and disease. As e-cigarettes have surged in popularity, the Ohio State College of Dentistry clinician-scientist has now turned her attention to their impact on oral health—with startling findings.Read more
In February, before most of the world had ever heard the words COVID-19, Dean Patrick Lloyd met with Ohio Dental Association (ODA) President Sharon Parsons, continuing a tradition he began soon after he was appointed as dean of the College of Dentistry.Read more
The day that we completed our gift was one of the happiest days of my life. I felt a certain reconciliation and a continued pride. We hope that our support will help the school continue to provide a superior education for future dental professionals.Read more
In a collaborative effort led by Ohio State's Institute for Materials Research (IMR), scientists, engineers and manufacturers worked together during the pandemic to combat the shortage of critical supplies in Ohio.Read more
Getting to Know Debbie Marchese ’80 C-Certificate, ’03 BS, Clinic/Patient Care Coordinator, Advanced ProsthodonticsRead more
For Marcus Troyer, Give Kids A Smile (GKAS) is a full-day outing for his family. His five-hour round-trip drive from Ft. Wayne, Indiana, is worth it when he witnesses his sons' eyes light up at the sight of Ohio Stadium and he sees all of his children receive good dental care.Read more