Prospective Students

Master’s Examination Committee

The Examination Committee shouldinclude a minimum of three members, including the Advisor.  It should include at least one member from the graduate student’s academic division and at least one member outside of the division. The responsibilities of the committee include approval of the research protocol before beginning the research project, administration of the master’s examination, and approval of the complete thesis.  For some research projects, committee members may serve in a collaborative role. The expertise and potential contribution of individual members should be considered when assembling a committee.  If committee members are taking an active role in the project, the student and adviser should arrange regular meetings with the thesis committee members for discussion at critical phases in the project. 

Selecting an appropriate committee is an important step in successful completion of the graduate program, and it should be undertaken as soon as possible after selection of the Advisor. Typically this is done as an interactive process between the student, the Advisor, and potential committee members.  Committee members must be members of the Graduate Faculty.