April 10, 2019

26th Annual Student Government Association Awards Honor Outstanding Faculty

From left: Lisa Knobloch, DDS, MS; Joen Iannucci, DDS, MS; Bridget Wright, BSDH; Bryant Cornelius, DDS, MBA, MPH; Colleen Cornelius, DDS; Michael Masonbrink, DDS; Anita Gohel, BDS, PhD; Brittney Schreier, BSDH, MBA;  Sara Fowler, DMD, MS; Elizabeth Nesmith, DDS; Denise Kissell, BSDH, MPH; Dan Magness, DDS; Mark Morrison, DDS; Robert Uhlin, DDS; Robert Rashid, DDS, MAS; Susan Mallery, DDS, MS, PhD; Gabriela Weiss, DDS, MS; James Stone, DDS; Vinayak Joshi, MDS, MS, PhD 

Faculty, staff, and students gathered at Ohio State's Longaberger Alumni House on Wednesday, March 27 to recognize outstanding faculty at the 26th annual Student Government Association Awards event. This year's award winners are as follows:

Dental Class of 2019

Associated Clinical: Colleen Cornelius, DDS
Associated Clinical: Michael Masonbrink, DDS
Specialty: Sara Fowler, DMD, MS
Specialty: Vinayak Joshi, MDS, MS, PhD
Clinical: Lisa Knobloch, DDS, MS
Clinical: Mark Morrison, DDS
Clinical: James Stone, DDS
Clinical: Robert Uhlin, DDS
Didactic: Susan Mallery, DDS, MS, PhD

Dental Hygiene Class of 2019

Clinical: Brittney Schreier, BSDH, MBA
Didactic: Joen Iannucci, DDS, MS

Dental Class of 2020

Clinical: Anita Gohel, BDS, PhD
Clinical: Robert Uhlin, DDS
Didactic: Bryant Cornelius, DDS, MBA, MPH

Dental Hygiene Class of 2020

Didactic: Denise Kissell, BSDH, MPH
Clinical: Bridget Wright, BSDH

Dental Class of 2021

Didactic: Anita Gohel, BDS, PhD
Pre-Clinical Laboratory: Robert Rashid, DDS, MAS

Dental Class of 2022

Didactic: Gabriela Weiss, DDS, MS
Pre-Clinical Laboratory: Mark Morrison, DDS

Classes of 2019/2020

Honorary Resident: Dan Magness, DDS
Honorary Resident: Elizabeth Nesmith, DDS