September 5, 2019

College Launches New Five-Year Strategic Plan

The College of Dentistry's new five-year strategic plan was recently approved by the university's Executive Vice President and Provost Bruce McPheron, PhD. 

The ambitious plan includes the college's new vision, mission, and core values statements, as well as six foundational goals with 3-5 objectives for each, and more than 100 initiatives. The goals address People, Culture, and Community; Teaching and Learning; Research and Scholarship; Academic Health Care; Access, Affordability, and Excellence; and Operational Excellence and Resource Stewardship. 

Commenting on the strategic plan, Dean Patrick Lloyd said, "Our plan was more than a year in the making, and it involved our entire college community. We engaged students, staff, and faculty at all levels and they helped to shape every aspect of it. We ensured that the plan aligns with and supports that of the university, and it reflects the aspirations of our college and the university community." He added, "This plan will accomplish a great deal in the next five years, and I encourage everyone to read it and become familiar with what we are doing to create a future for the college that we all can be proud of!"

View the Five-Year Strategic Plan.