Dental Oncology Clinic Receives Gift of Artwork

In 2018, the College of Dentistry launched its Dental Oncology Clinic, which serves patients in all stages of cancer care by providing clearances for oncologic treatments and comprehensive dental care for patients throughout their cancer experience. 

The primary treatment room in the Dental Oncology Clinic now features a brightly colored work of art, thanks to a gift from Ms. Carla Ison, a cancer survivor, artist, and Dental Oncology Clinic patient. Diagnosed with head and neck cancer in 2008, Ms. Ison began painting because she felt it gave her a "voice" during her cancer journey. The painting she gave to the clinic is titled “Celebrating Survivorship,” and it depicts a leaf from a ginkgo tree, which is associated with tenacity and endurance. 

Ms. Ison presented the painting in gratitude for the oral healthcare she received from the Dental Oncology Clinic staff and Dr. Matthew Messina. As the Director of Ohio State's Upper Arlington Dental Clinic and the Interim Director of the Dental Oncology Clinic, Dr. Messina cares for patients whose needs include restorative and prosthetic dentistry, as well as cancer care. After graduating from the College of Dentistry in 1987, he completed a General Practice Residency and then established a private practice, serving as a general dentist for more than 30 years.

Commenting on Ms. Ison's gift to the Dental Oncology Clinic, Dr. Messina said, "We enjoy having Carla as a patient and we're thankful for the ability to help in her recovery. Her gift reminds us that we’re making a difference in the lives of our patients!”

Ms. Carla Ison and Dr. Matthew Messina
Ms. Carla Ison (left) and Dr. Matthew Messina with the painting that now hangs in the Dental Oncology Clinic


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