March 3, 2017

Give Kids a Smile Event Succeeds Again!

The College of Dentistry's Give Kids a Smile event held Saturday, February 4, provided dental care for 106 patients, from infants  to adolescents and children with special needs. Faculty members and residents joined dental hygiene and dental students to provide a range of treatments, including sealants, cleanings, stainless steel crowns, pulpotomies, pulpectomies and composites. Families also scheduled follow-up appointments for additional care, as needed. 

The event received coverage by local TV news stations, and it was attended by State of Ohio Representatives Bernadine Kennedy Kent(D-Columbus), and David Leland (D-Columbus), as well as Executive Director of the Ohio Dental Association David Owsiany. Since the college began hosting GKAS events in 2012, more than $350 K in free dental care has been provided to Ohio's children in need.

The next College of Dentistry Give Kids a Smile event will be held October 14.