June 5, 2020

Kim Hammersmith, DDS, MPH, MS, Receives $2.25 M HRSA Grant

Kim Hammersmith, DDS, MPH, MS,

Dr. Kim Hammersmith is the Director of the Advanced Education Program in Pediatric Dentistry for the College of Dentistry and at Nationwide Children's Hospital. In that role, she provides instruction for pre-doctoral students and pediatric dentistry residents, while also caring directly for pediatric dental patients and supporting outreach activities in the community.

Motivated by a concern for the underserved and vulnerable pediatric populations for whom she and her colleagues provide dental care, Dr. Hammersmith submitted a $2.25 M grant proposal that was recently funded by the Health Resources and Services Administration, which is part of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

The project's numerous goals include the creation of a curriculum to support a combined degree program at Ohio State that would simultaneously offer a Master of Science in dentistry and a Master of Public Health degree; utilizing innovations in teledentistry to provide much-needed patient care; and recruiting pediatric dentistry residents from underrepresented backgrounds whose experiences prepare them to care for children in need.

Commenting on the significant impact of the grant that supports these initiatives, Dr. Hammersmith said, "This project will be a collaborative effort with our division at Ohio State's College of Dentistry and the College of Public Health. Our efforts may help fill the dental public health and academic work forces, while also creating well-rounded private practitioners who can be better community leaders and advocates for children."