October 2, 2015

ODA Foundation Awards Scholarships

The Ohio Dental Association (ODA) Foundation recently awarded scholarships to 26 College of Dentistry students. Scholarship recipients must engage in volunteer activities, have financial need, and demonstrate academic excellence. Most are active members of the American Student Dental Association, and they also are committed to continued involvement in organized dentistry.

Throughout 2015, ODA scholarships totaling $55,500 were given to the following College of Dentistry students: 

  • Jarek Atwood (D4)
  • Anthony Besse (D4)
  • Erica Bockhorst (D2
  • Jeremy Capetillo (D4)
  • Danielle D'Amato (D3
  • David Gorenz (D3)
  • Richard Hall (D4)
  • Mack Hoban (D3)
  • Kylen Hughes (D3)
  • Kyle Keller (D3)
  • Morgan Ann Kelley (D4)
  • Matthew Kotapish (D3)
  • Lydia Lancaster(D4)
  • McKenzie Maynor (D4)
  • Clare McGorry (D4)
  • Rami Mikati (D4)
  • Mary E.  Mueller (D2)
  • Victoria Pennington (D3)
  • Nicole Scheckelhoff (D4
  • Molly Schott (D3)
  • Gretta Seif (D4)
  • Brennan Skulski (D4)
  • James Smithson (D4)
  • Cody Strahler (D3)
  • Spencer Tepe (D3)
  • Michael Vieth (D2)