April 23, 2021

Ohio State Dental Faculty Practice: New Name, New Location, New Look

The doors have opened to a brand new Ohio State Dental Faculty Practice (Ohio State DFP). Located on the corner of 12th and Neil Avenues in the College of Dentistry’s expanded Postle Hall, the Ohio State DFP is home to nearly 60 general dentists, dental specialists, and dental hygienists. These highly trained professionals provide a wide-range of dental services to Ohio State faculty, staff and students, their families as well as to the general public. The practice includes expansive windows with natural light, an inviting patient reception area and patient treatment rooms with the latest, state-of-the-art equipment. Recent design features insure a healthy and safe environment.

“We are pleased to have a new facility that reflects the high caliber of care provided by our dental practitioners,” said Dr. John Kalmar, president of the Ohio State Dental Faculty Practice. “Additionally, we have street-level visibility we didn’t have at our previous location. With free parking at the nearby 11th Avenue garage, patients have quick and easy access to our practice, right across Neil Avenue from the new Optometry clinics.”

Practitioners in the Ohio State DFP are licensed dentists and dental hygienists—most of whom are also faculty at the College of Dentistry. They provide services ranging from dental cleanings to general dentistry to advanced specialty-level dental care and consultations; all under one roof in the middle of the medical campus.

In anticipation of a new clinic, the practice changed its name from Dental Faculty Practice to Ohio State Dental Faculty Practice. “That sounds like a small change but we think it’s big,” said Dr. Kalmar. “It reflects our connection to one of the greatest universities in the world and our belief that we have the best practitioners and dental care facility.”


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