April 2, 2021

Olivia Howard (D1) Receives Masonbrink Scholarship

Olivia Howard

Ms. Olivia Howard is an Ohio State alumna, a native of Fairview Park, Ohio, and a D1 student. She was chosen as the 2021 recipient of the college's Masonbrink Scholarship that was established by Michael Masonbrink, DDS, and his wife, Kaylin Masonbrink. The scholarship provides tuition support for a deserving pre-doctoral student who demonstrates high moral standards, outstanding character, and a strong work ethic. The award is renewable for up to four years and preference is given to students who are Ohio residents.

Commenting on the award, Dean Lloyd said, "Dr. and Mrs. Masonbrink established this scholarship in 2016, and it has profoundly impacted the lives of the students who have benefited from it. I am grateful that our college can offer such a substantial award to students like Ms. Howard whose efforts deserve such recognition and support."