August 3, 2018

Peter Larsen, DDS, Quoted in Columbus Dispatch

Peter Larsen, DDS

The July 15 edition of the Columbus Dispatch included an article titled "Shifting thoughts on if joint-replacement patients need antibiotics before dental work." The article summarized the perspectives of orthopedic surgeons and dentists who came together at Ohio State for a workshop that addressed the use of antibiotics to prevent infection in joint-replacement patients receiving dental treatments. 

Dr. Peter Larsen, Chair of the Division of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery and Dental Anesthesiology, said that "lack of consensus [on this topic] becomes more problematic as an aging population requires more artificial joints." Remarking on the progress made by the workshop participants, he added that the group's shared experiences made them "more sensitive to each other's concerns" and that it "showed us what could happen, potentially, if we were able to do this on a more expanded level." 

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