November 1, 2018

Sarah Mikhail, BDS, MS, Quoted in Self Magazine

Sarah Mikhail, BDS, MS

In the October 17th online edition of Self Magazine, Dr. Sarah Mikhail was quoted in an article titled "Is It Actually Possible to Get Rid of Cavities Without Fillings?" The article summarized the perspectives of dental professionals from various institutions who weighed in on the best ways to prevent caries and optimal ways to deal with them once the teeth have decayed. 

An assistant professor-clinical in the Division of Restorative and Prosthetic Dentistry, Dr. Mikhail said, "The earlier the intervention, the easier it is to fix." Her comments were added to those of other dentists and educators who discussed the use of professional fluoride treatments to help protect teeth from damage caused by plaque, as well as the "fixes" that are available for damaged teeth, including root canals and crowns. Read the article here.