September 5, 2019

White Coat Welcomes New DDS and DH Students

The College of Dentistry welcomed its new dental hygiene and dental students at the White Coat Ceremony held August 19.

Nearly a thousand friends and family members attended the event at the Mershon Auditorium. Speakers included Dean Patrick Lloyd; Associate Dean for Academic Affairs Darryl Hamamoto; Dental Alumni Society President Rebecca Henderson; Ohio Dental Hygienists' Association President-Elect Shannon Sweeney; and Ohio Dental Association President-Elect Sharon Parsons.

The annual event marks the beginning of the professional educational experience of the dental hygiene Class of 2021 and the dental Class of 2023. This year's DDS class includes 120 students: 104 from Ohio and 16 from out-of-state. The dental hygiene class has 32 students; 25 from Ohio and 7 from out-of-state.

Welcoming the new students and their guests, Dean Lloyd said, "Every student in this auditorium could have attended some other school, but we are so glad you chose us -- The Ohio State University College of Dentistry!" He added, "This White Coat Ceremony is a rite of passage for all of you. It marks the beginning of your education in our college, and it is the first step on your journey to becoming dental professionals. I welcome you all as the newest members of our college community, and I look forward to the special years we will spend together!"

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