Gum diseases

The periodontal residents offer a full range of periodontal procedures which include scaling and root planing (deep cleaning), soft tissue grafting (gum grafts), bone grafting (to treat periodontal disease), implant surgery (for the replacement of teeth) and a wide variety of other periodontal procedures, such as treatment of gummy smiles.


Patients will need a referral from their general dentist explaining the reason that periodontal treatment is needed. The referral form to Graduate Periodontics must be completed and faxed or emailed by your general dentist’s office.

Once our office has received your referral, we will add you to our list to be scheduled. Your scheduling will be dictated by appointment availability. Due to large patient population we serve, there may be a significant wait for your scheduled appointment.

2nd Floor, Postle Hall
(Park in the 12th Ave. Garage)
305 W. 12th Ave.
Columbus, OH 43210

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
8AM – 4:30PM

Health and Safety

Visit our Health and Safety page to learn how we keep our dental clinics safe for you, our providers, and staff

Frequently Asked Questions

Question How do I get to the Graduate Periodontics Clinic?

For detailed driving and parking directions, please see Directions and Parking. If parking in the 12th Avenue Parking Garage (recommended), cross the street and enter the building from W. 12th Avenue at street level. The Dental Clinic entrance will be on your left. Take the elevator just inside the Dental Clinic entrance to the 2nd floor, turn right and proceed down the corridor until you see the Graduate Periodontics desk to your right.

Question What should I bring to my first appointment?

Please bring the following to your first appointment:

  • Photo ID
  • Dental insurance information (including copy of current Medicaid card)
  • Current x-rays, if not already sent by dentist
  • Name and documentation of legal guardian and/or power of attorney, if applicable
  • List of medications and/or dietary supplements.
  • Payment and/or insurance co-payment for services in the form of cash, Visa, MasterCard or Discover. Personal checks are not accepted.
Question Who will provide my treatment at the Graduate Periodontics Clinic?

Graduate specialty dentists, also called residents, provide care to patients under faculty supervision. These residents have already earned a dental degree and are studying the dental specialty of periodontics.

Question Will I have to pay for parking?

The College of Dentistry does not validate parking. You will be responsible for any parking fees.

Question What will happen at my first appointment?

At your first appointment, we will review your medical history and perform a comprehensive periodontal examination. We will also take x-rays, unless your dentist has sent acceptable x-rays to us or you bring them to the appointment with you. The examination will allow us to develop a treatment plan including an estimate of your financial liability. Future appointments will be scheduled to resolve any problems and maintain your oral health. Your first appointment with us will not be for treatment or surgical services.

Question What if I have x-rays already?

X-rays can be emailed to our clinic at [email protected]. If x-rays cannot be emailed, please bring them with you to the appointment. We cannot accept faxed x-rays.

Question How much will my treatment cost?

Please refer to the Methods of Payment page for more details about fees and insurance.

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