Potential Research Mentor Application

Please list the title and a brief description of all potential research projects for which you wish to seek the collaboration of a Dental Hygiene or Dentistry student.
List the skills that a student would have to establish before you would consider being a research mentor. Please specify if each skill is required for all projects listed, or for only certain projects which are then specified.
List every restriction on the student for participation in the SRP. Please identify whether each restriction is to be associated with all projects, or for only certain projects which are then specified.

This application is only to be listed on the web as a potential Research Mentor and is not required to be a mentor. Only Dental Hygiene or Dentistry students or accepted and confirmed applicants may apply for SRP wage support, and then the Research Mentor must approve each student application before that student's application will be considered for support. Mentors of successful applicants may be provided with up to a $500 budget for justified expenses for the research project of each successful student applicant, on request to the Director of Student Research (Johnston.5). Also, each Research mentor must agree as stated below to participate in the SRP; check the box to agree.