Prospective Students

Application FAQ

Q: Is a GPR/AEGD/private practice experience required to apply?

A: It is not required, but it is encouraged. Clinical experience after dental school is valued.

Q: Will you accept additional letters of recommendation?

A: Yes, but only a few. These letters do not add weight to the application.

Q: Do you require the GRE? TOEFL? ADAT?

A: These tests are not required when applying for the program.

Q: Does the program lead to an endodontic certificate/masters degree?

A: Residents must earn both a certificate and a MS degree. Neither is optional.

Q: Do you accept international applicants?

A: We are unable to accept foreign-trained dentists in our program unless they have earned either a DDS or DMD degree from an accredited North American dental school.

Q: How many positions are there? How many usually apply?

A: We currently have four residents in each class. In general, we have approximately 100 applicants, in a given year, applying for entry into the program.

Q: Does one have to be in the top 10% of their class? Is there a minimum GPA?

A: We do not have set standards for class rank or GPA. We look at the overall application including letters of recommendation, clinical experiences, research experience and postdoctoral training/practice.

Q: Can I come to visit/tour the school/meet with the faculty?

A: We do not encourage visits. Candidates will be invited for tours/interviews after all the applications have been reviewed.

Q: Do you offer an endodontic externship?

A: We do not offer an endodontic externship at this time. 

Q: I applied last year. Do I need to reapply or can I reactivate my application?

A: You can reactivate your application from last year. Simply email a new, updated application form and send a check/money order of $50.00 to the address listed on the application. If your transcript or National Board scores need to be updated, please be sure to have those sent to us via email also. New letters of recommendation will also be accepted via email.

Q: What are the qualities of a successful applicant (grades, test scores, research experience, GPR training, etc.)?

A: The qualities vary from year to year. Each year a new pool of applicants arrive, each with varying strengths. See our Current Residents page to see the diversity of experience, background and training.

Q: Do you accept applicants who have not trained at The Ohio State University?

Yes! We have had resident classes in which not a single resident had gone to Ohio State. Refer to the Current Residents page to see the diversity of training our residents have had.

Q: Is financial aid available?

A: Financial aid is available to residents. Please contact our Financial Aid Advisor at or call 614-292-3950 for more information.

Q: Do you have any additional material about the program you can send me?

A: No – our website has the important information available to you. If you peruse the entire The Ohio State University and College of Dentistry websites, you will get an idea of the atmosphere here in Columbus and on campus. More about the happenings in the Advanced Endodontic Program can also be found on Facebook at “Advanced Endodontic Program at The Ohio State University”.