Prospective Students

Salary and Benefits


The salary for the 2014-2015 year is over $50,000 for first year residents, and the chief resident stipend is $53,000.

Vacation/sick leave

Fifteen days when it does not conflict with rotations and assignments or other responsibilities.

Continuing education

Five days continuing education leave is allowed but additional continuing education time is provided for courses which are required of all residents. All local courses sponsored by The Ohio State University College of Dentistry have a minimal charge to the residents on a space available basis.

Health insurance

Health insurance is available at the same cost and same coverage as faculty/staff receive at The Ohio State University College of Dentistry. The resident pays this cost themselves.


All residents receive lab coats. Laundry services for lab coats and a certain amount of personal clothing is available to all hospital residents through the hospital laundry and uniform service.


All residents have regular faculty parking privileges.  Estimated cost is $850 per year.


Intern Licenses are available from the Ohio State Dental Board for practice only within the context of the training program. Graduation from an accredited dental school in North America (or internationally as certified by the degree granting institution) is the only requirement. The prospective resident must be able to provide this certification no later than May of the year they are to begin the program. The Ohio State Dental Board offers reciprocity to obtain full licensure to anyone passing the Central, Southern, Western and Northeast Regional Boards.


For residents on call a credit to your pay is given monthly.