Prospective Students


Q: What is the mix of general dentistry to hospital dentistry?

A: Clinical dentistry is approximately 75% of our program. With rotations in the operating room, consultations and emergency room treatment when on call, and clearances for major hospital surgeries, the other 25% provides a very comprehensive hospital experience.

Q: How many fixed restorations do you do in a typical year?

A: In the 2014-15 resident year, 97 crowns, 42 implant restorations, 30 fixed partial denture units.

Q: Will I get oral surgery experience?

A: In the 2014-15 resident year, we extracted over 4,500 teeth.

Q: What types of laboratory work are required of residents?

A: Pour diagnostic and final impressions for removable prosthodontics, fabricate custom trays and baseplates for complete dentures.

Q: What types of laboratory work are completed by the dental laboratory?

A: We use both the in-house production labs as well as private labs depending on the procedure. All fixed restorations, RPD frameworks, denture teeth set-ups, all acrylic processing, nightguard fabrication and denture repairs are completed by these labs.