Prospective Students

Admissions FAQ

Q. What exam scores will I need for my application?

A.  Domestic students: GRE (applications submitted without GRE scores will not be considered).  International students: NBDE I, GRE, TOEFL (no minimum score required to apply). The Ohio State institution code is 1592.

Q. Do I need a valid state dental license to be considered a resident at Ohio State?

A. Each resident, domestic and foreign, will need to apply for a Limited Resident’s License, if you do not already have a valid State License. All residents who meet the eligibility criteria (graduates of U.S. or Canadian Schools with DDS/DMD or equivalent foreign degree) can apply for a Limited Resident’s License.

Q. How many letters of recommendation (PFEs) do I need to attach to my application?

A. We require three (3) letters of recommendation. We would prefer that at least two (2) be from orthodontic faculty, if possible.

Q. Do I need to take the Advanced Dental Admissions Test (ADAT)?

A. The ADAT is not required by the College for application or admission, but, where taken by an applicant, will be considered during the review of an applicant’s file for admission. For those applicants without quantitative evidence of academic performance (e.g., GPA and class rank), this is one method for the applicant to demonstrate their abilities in dentistry and related-academic skills and is strongly recommended.

Q. I am a foreign applicant. I did not complete my DDS or DMD at a U.S. dental school. Can I still apply?

A. Yes, if you have an equivalent degree.

Q. Do I have to apply through the ADEA PASS?

A. Yes. ADEA PASS simplifies the application process by allowing you to complete one standardized application, rather than individual applications to each program. There is a fee for this service. Complete the ADEA PASS application at

Q. Is The Ohio State University a Match school for Orthodontics?

A. Yes. We feel that residency program participation in the Postdoctoral Dental Matching Program is fair and beneficial to applicants.  Interviews will only be extended to applicants who indicate on the Match participation letter that are only applying to match programs.

Q. When does the program start and how long does it run?

A. Classes start mid-June. This is a 33 month program, with March 31st of your graduation year being the final day in the program. 

Q. What does the program cost and is there a stipend?

A. Tuition and fees change yearly. You can contact the College of Dentistry Graduate Program Coordinator at The stipend offered covers approximately half the costs associated with the program. You can also check the Ohio State University registrar’s website at

Q. Does Ohio State offer an internship program?

A. Yes, we offer a 1 year internship in Orthodontics. For further information, see website for information.

Q. Can I do an externship?

A. Yes. Limited externship opportunities are available. See website for further information.