Prospective Students

Accepted Students

Baccalaureate Degree Completion Program

E-mail and Internet Username

All Ohio State students need an OSU Internet username and password. Much of the communication between the university and students is via e-mail and students are expected to check their OSU e-mail regularly. Your username and password will also give you access to other secure services such as registration and viewing your grades, so it is important to keep your password private. To activate your account, go to and click "New to Ohio State? Activate Now". Assistance is available by e-mail at, via the web at, and by phone at 614-688-HELP. 

Buckeye Link

Buckeye Link is your online tool to view your schedule and statement of account, pay fees, view your grades, register for classes, and conduct most university business.

Financial Responsibility Statement

You must complete a financial responsibility statement each semester before you register for classes. Go to your student center from Buckeye Link; the financial responsibility statement will be listed in your to do list. 

Orientation and Scheduling

Admitted students will schedule an orientation appointment with Patricia Gardner, the assistant director for academic studies for the Division of Dental Hygiene, to review curricular requirements, transfer credit, and schedule classes for the first semester. To schedule an appointment with Ms. Gardner, call 614–292–2228

Class Meetings

All dental hygiene courses are offered via distance and have no scheduled meetings on campus. However, some courses do have synchronous on-line sessions and you will be required to log in and participate at the designated time, usually on Wednesday evenings. The schedule for each course will be included in the course description which you should read before you register.

Ohio State offers some general education courses by distance or hybrid format. Most courses designated as distance will have no on campus meetings, but there may be an orientation, midterm, and/or final exam that requires attendance on campus. Hybrid courses are a combination of on-campus classes and distance education, but some have very few on-campus meetings and may still be convenient for working students. The schedule of meetings, if applicable, will be included in the course description that is available to you before you register for the course. 

Tuition, Fees, and Financial Aid

Tuition and fees vary by number of hours per semester and campus of enrollment. Dental hygiene courses are offered in distance format from the Columbus campus and Columbus fees are assessed. For Ohio State fee tables, go to the Student Tuition and Fees Tables. Information about Student Financial Aid is available at

Fee Payment

Be sure to check your fee statement on Buckeye Link; you will not receive a fee statement by mail. Fees can be paid online or by mail. Fees are normally due one week prior to the first day of classes. 


Carmen is Ohio State's class management system. All courses taught via distance as well as many traditionally scheduled classes will use Carmen. Log into Carmen using your OSU internet username and password.


Textbook information will be posted at least one month prior to the first day of classes. Dental hygiene textbooks can be ordered online from The Ohio State University Bookstore or from other web sites. View required textbooks. (Textbook information for other university classes is available on the The Ohio State University Bookstore website.)

Registering for Classes

Your academic advisor will assist you with registration for your first semester of enrollment. After that, each semester you will receive an e-mail from the Office of the University Registrar that tells you when you can register. You will register for classes through Buckeye Link. Most classes are available on a first-come, first-served basis, so you are more likely to get your choice of classes and times if you register as soon as you are eligible to do so. Registration appointments are assigned based on priority status (such as honors) and number of earned hours. You will never be closed out of your dental hygiene classes, but if you are registering for GEs, basic sciences, area of specialization classes, or electives you will have the best selection by registering as soon as you are eligible. Courses that are offered via distance are very popular and may close early. If you need assistance with your schedule, ask for help before your registration window opens so that you will be ready to schedule at your appointment time.

Academic Advising 

Academic advising in the Degree Completion Program is available via e-mail, telephone, or in person. 

E-mail: You can expect to receive a reply to your e-mail within two business days. If your questions are very complex, you may be asked to schedule an appointment. Direct your e-mail to Patricia Gardner (, assistant director for academic studies, Division of Dental Hygiene.

By appointment: Call the Division of Dental Hygiene Office (614–292–2228) to schedule an advising appointment. Appointments can be conducted in person or by telephone; if it is not convenient to come to campus, you will call 614–292–2228 at the assigned appointment time. If you are planning to conduct your appointment by telephone it is often useful to have access to a computer during the call.


If you will be parking on campus on a regular basis, we recommend that you purchase a parking permit at CampusParc, 160 Bevis Hall, 614–688-0000. If you will be parking on campus only occasionally, it may be more convenient and cost effective to pay for daily visitor parking. The visitor parking garage on 12th Avenue is directly across the street from Postle Hall where the College of Dentistry resides. For additional parking options or for a campus map, visit the CampusParc web site.

University ID 

If you will be on campus regularly, you may want to obtain a university ID card, also known as BuckID. To obtain your BuckID, go to 3040 Ohio Union, 1739 N. High Street. You will need a copy of your schedule and a photo ID. For more information or office hours call 614–292–0400 or go to

Health Insurance

This requirement applies only to students who are enrolled in six or more credit hours excluding distance education courses. Students who are enrolled for six or more credit hours, excluding distance education classes, are required to maintain health insurance while enrolled at the university. Student health insurance can be purchased each semester when you register. For students who have other insurance coverage, you must request exemption from the Student Health Insurance Plan and provide the requested information about the coverage that you have. You can select or waive health insurance in your Student Center through Buckeye Link. For more information about the student health insurance plans, go to

Adding and Dropping Courses/Fee Refunds 

Students are expected to have their academic schedules finalized well in advance of each academic term, but sometimes last minute changes are necessary. After the first week of the semester, courses may be added only by permission and requests may not be approved even if space is available. Students may drop courses by the fourth Friday of each semester with no mark on the transcript. Following the fourth Friday, dropped courses will result in a grade of 'W' posted on the transcript. The final deadline to drop courses is Friday of the ninth week of each semester. Petitions to drop courses after this date will be approved only in extenuating circumstances and the expectation of a poor grade is not grounds for petitioning. Partial fee refunds may apply depending on the date of the drop. Deadlines to add and drop courses are different in summer term; consult with your academic advisor. 

A complete list of important dates and deadlines is available for each semester on the university registrar's web site. Students should check with their academic advisor before making schedule adjustments and adds after the first week or drops after the fourth week can only be made through an academic advisor. 

Ohio State Policies, Procedures, and Rules are available at All students are expected to read and to abide by the Code of Student Conduct.