Prospective Students

Prerequisites for Admission

Observation Hours

To provide you with a first-hand look at the profession, we ask that all applicants provide documentation of a minimum of 20 hours of observation of dental hygienists in private practice.

  • At a minimum, the 20 hours must include two or more dental hygienists and be conducted in two or more dental practices, including at least one general practice office. Although we encourage more observation, it is not necessary to document hours in excess of the 20 hours required.
  • Observation hours may not be scheduled with a family member and may not take place in a teaching facility such as a college or university or in any office where the prospective student has been employed.
  • Observation hours are subject to verification. You should record the following information as you complete each observation as this information will be requested in the program application:
    • name of dental hygienist observed
    • type of dental practice
    • date(s) of observation
    • total hours with this dental hygienist
    • dental office address and telephone number
    • describe three things you learned at each observation site

A grade of C– or higher is required in each of the program prerequisites listed below.

Course Requirements

Prerequisites must be completed by:

Required courses:

End of autumn semester prior to admission

Anatomy 2300

Biology 1101 or 1113

Chemistry 1110 or 1210

English 1110

Math 1116 or higher

Psychology 1100

One additional natural science from the EEOB, Human Nutrition and Microbiology courses listed below:

End of spring semester prior to admission. 

Sociology 1101

EEOB 2520

Human Nutrition 2210 or 2310

Microbiology 4000.01 or 4000.02


End of summer semester prior to admission. These courses must be chosen from the approved GE list

Second Writing Course


Visual and Performing Arts

Historical Study

One additional course from social science, cultures and ideas or historical study

One additional course from the open options list

International issues – selection of GE courses should include two courses from the global studies list

Students who wish to complete the program prerequisites at a different accredited institution must take courses equivalent to the Ohio State course numbers listed above. A transfer matrix is available at, and equivalent courses for many schools are available at Students may also request a Prerequisite Evaluation. Prospective transfer students should plan to meet with an admissions counselor prior to applying for admission; please call the office of admissions at 614-292-3361.