Prospective Students

Application Tips

Application Tips

The admission process can seem overwhelming at times! Our goal at The Ohio State University College of Dentistry is to help you navigate this process. Here are some tips to make things easier.

1. Before you apply, make sure you have met the minimum requirements.

  • 40 hours of dental experience (failure to meet the 40 hour requirement could result in a delay in the processing of your application and/or require additional forms to be completed). On average our applicants are completing 120 hours of dental experience prior to applying.
  • 9 of the 13 pre-requisite courses

NOTE: Applications received that have not met the minimum observation hours and/or do not have 9 of the 13 pre-requisite courses complete will be considered incomplete.

  • Minimum GPA and DAT AA/PAT/Total Science scores for interview consideration:

Total GPA: 3.0
Science GPA: 3.0
DAT AA: 17
DAT Total Science: 17

Remember these are minimums.  An applicant should aim for a 3.6 GPA and DAT scores of 20/20/20.

2. Submit your Supplemental Application as soon as possible.

Once we have received your AADSAS application and you have met the minimum application requirements, you will receive an email from Ohio State’s Office of Graduate and Professional Admissions with the link to the supplemental application. The supplemental application will be released in June or early July. Complete this in a timely manner.

The Supplemental Application has three short essays. Two are required and one is optional. You are encouraged to draft the essays prior to starting the supplemental application.

3. Follow the Supplemental Essay formatting instructions.

Limit each response to the stated number of words. Please do not add any formatting characters or extra blank lines to your response. Text exceeding the word limit will not be saved to the application. To ensure word-limit compliance, you are encouraged to use a word-count software to compose your answers. Do not cut and paste your essays from Microsoft Word as this will cause formatting issues (this also applies to the AADSAS application). Utilize a text-only tool such as Notepad to cut and paste your essays into the application. Take time to review your essays to assure that they are formatted correctly.

4. Be sure to include your non-academic experiences on your AADSAS application, including:

  • Awards
  • Scholarships
  • Volunteer experience
  • Community service
  • Co- and extra-curricular organizations
  • Sports
  • Research
  • Military experience
  • Leadership experience
  • Work experience
  • Teaching experience

5. Interested in the DDS/PhD Program, Research or the DentPath Program?

If so, please note we have added additional questions to the AADSAS application so we can better identify potential candidates for the DDS/PhD, Research or the DentPath programs.

6. Add Ohio State ( to your email safe list.

 One of our primary modes of communication with applicants is email. To avoid our emails heading to your spam box, please add to your email safe list.

7. Make sure your application is a reflection of you.

This is not the time to be shy! Make sure you include all relevant information in your application. Don't sell yourself short.

8. Don’t forget, the AADSAS application deadline is September 15.

 If you submit your AADSAS application and it is complete, verified and sent by AADSAS to us by the September 15, 2019 deadline you will be eligible to receive the supplemental application and be considered for an interview (so long as you have met the minimum requirements). The deadline for the supplemental is September 22, 2019.