Prospective Students

Resources for Out-of-State Applicants

We recognize that for our out-of-state students, adjusting to a new city can be difficult. We’ve put together some resources to help you learn about The College of Dentistry and Columbus.



Scenes from Columbus

Don’t forget that Columbus is the 14th largest city in the country and is home to a unique and vibrant blend of art, science, business, and technology. Check out some of Columbus’ most popular neighborhoods below.

Getting around Columbus: transportation options.

Even more about Columbus.

We're here to help.

One of the things our students always reference is that The College of Dentistry is a very close-knit community – and that community extends to prospective students. If you have questions feel free to contact us.


“Faculty, staff, and my peers have made my transition as an out-of-state student very easy. From the moment I arrived on campus, they have shown me beautiful areas of Columbus, helped me figure out my living arrangements, and made sure to be available if I have questions. Everyone associated with the College of Dentistry wants to help me succeed as a dental professional and knowing that makes it easier to focus on my education.”

-- Anthony Clark, Fourth year student from California

Anthony Clark


Amber Sun

“The College of Dentistry at The Ohio State University is one of the only schools in the country that offers conditional in-state tuition and various scholarships to assist out-of-state students in paying for dental school. Students are taught by world-renowned professors and clinicians encouraging us to actively attend national leadership and research conferences. I am presented with several opportunities to achieve my full potential.”  

-- Amber Sun, Third year student from Georgia