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Cost of Attendance

cost of attendance

The Ohio State University defines "cost of attendance" as the total cost of attending school for one academic year, including tuition and fees, books and supplies, and living expenses. This is most frequently referred to as a "COA." The Student Financial Aid Office calculates standard COAs annually.

The Student Financial Aid Office strongly recommends that students estimate their anticipated educational expenses each year by creating a personal budget. Personal budget templates for each graduating class are located on the Creating a Personal Budget webpage. 

Students who are not considered Ohio residents do not benefit from the tuition subsidy funded by Ohio tax payers; however, they may apply for in-state residency if they meet any of the Ohio Board of Regents guidelines. Typically, out-of-state students must reside in Ohio for twelve consecutive months before being eligible for in-state residency. For more information on applying for residency, please contact the College of Dentistry's Registrar, Michael Murray.

For detailed information on the College of Dentistry's cost of attendance, please select the appropriate student status below: