Prospective Students

Teaching and Research

Teaching Duties

Each resident is expected to teach as part of the training and learning experience in pathology. You will be assigned a small number of lectures or seminars in dental hygiene or pre-doctoral dental courses during your first, second or third years. Supervision and teaching of pre-doctoral dental students is required for one to two half-days per week while clinics are in session. All residents are expected to make case presentations from time to time.

During the three years of the program, a resident will serve no more than 20% of the time as a graduate teaching assistant, providing support to the undergraduate didactic and clinical courses in oral diagnosis, oral pathology and oral radiology.


During the three-year course of the certificate program, time is provided to complete the work necessary for the MS. If you are interested in remaining in an academic environment in the United States, you will find that a PhD is often necessary to successfully compete for extramural funding, leading to promotion and tenure.

Presentations and Papers

Residents are encouraged to attend the American Academy of Oral Pathology annual meeting and to present an abstract or paper at some point in their training, under the direction of one of the attending staff. The faculty will make every attempt to arrange financial support for travel to the meetings, at least in part; however, this is not guaranteed. Residents who do not present will typically not be eligible for support.

Publication of original manuscripts is encouraged, but not required. Ideally, you should be able to prepare at least one case report of an unusual lesion as well as submit the findings of the research project for publication during the three-year course of the residency program.