Prospective Students


The core curriculum courses are taught in a lecture/exam format and include:

  • statistics
  • oral pathology
  • developmental histology
  • research design
  • anatomy of the head and neck

Intra-division courses are taught by the orthodontic faculty at the College of Dentistry, with emphasis on evidence-based review and discussion of the orthodontic literature. These courses include:

  • cephalometrics
  • biomechanics
  • growth and development
  • typodont technique
  • diagnosis and treatment planning
  • surgical orthodontics
  • periodontal/orthodontic interrelationships

Case presentation and literature review. Every Friday morning residents and faculty meet for a formal presentation of a case by a second- or third-year resident and a discussion of selections from the orthodontic literature. Each quarter, a different faculty member chooses the area or topic for review.